How to Hang Kitchen Cabinets

Step 1

kitchenTo hang kitchen cabinets as an expert, mark a reference line and find the highest point. Unless the top cabinets are to be placed against the ceiling, you will have to draw a line to mark the height of the cabinet. This means that you must first find the level line for the base of the kitchen cabinets. Using a level, mark a reference line on all walls approximately 40 inches from the floor, then measure this line toward the floor in several places. Where the measure is shorter will be the high point of the floor. Mark this point clearly on the wall.

First place the cabinet on the corner. If you are working alone, you can install a transom or create a T-bracket, such as the one shown in this picture, that supports the weight of the cabinet while you work.
Mark the lines of the diagram of the lower and upper cabinets. Where you marked the highest point on the floor, mark the height of your lower cabinets, which is generally 30 inches. Extend a line of level diagramming from that mark along the walls. Then measure from that line of the diagram to find the bottom edge of the cabinets. Mark all the locations of the uprights along the layout lines.

Step 2

A good tip when it comes to hanging kitchen cabinets is to place the corner cabinets first. Start at the corner, whether the plan requires a corner cabinet or a blind corner cabinet. Take your time with the first to be absolutely certain that it is both lead and level from side to side as well as from front to back. Install shims between cabinet and wall as necessary until everything is level and level. Insert cabinet screws or 2½-inch wooden deck screws with washers through cabinets and shims inside the top, making sure to traverse the mounting rails and go all the way down the bottom edge. Insert the screws tightly,

Step 3

Install the attached kitchen cabinets. Place the next cabinet next to the corner cabinet and attach them with clamps, making sure the faces are flush and the top and bottom parts are aligned.

There you have it, you can successfully install a cabinet. One thing to note is that you must install it out of the way of your sink and appliances. If your cabinets are under the sink when you need to make sure that your garbage disposal is not in the way. The best garbage disposal for the money will likely fit nicely with a wide variety of cabinets.