An overview of kitchen faucets

stainless steel faucetAmong the types of kitchen faucets are the models with spray, removable, articulated, osmosis or rotating features. Regarding the finishes, they are manufactured from the traditional models in stainless steel, matte or shiny, to others that imitate the granite, not forgetting the chrome. So what are the best kitchen faucets? Keep reading while we go over the different ones.

Single handle. The characteristic of this type of taps is that the pipe that conducts the water can be removed or extracted from the faucet body, as a flex, up to 1.50 meters. This allows all areas of the sink and dirty dishes to be accessed comfortably and accurately. It facilitates the filling of buckets or containers that, because of their capacity and weight, make it difficult to lift them to the sink.


They have two independent keys that regulate the flow of hot and cold water. They involve a combination of manual water, with a rotating opening and closing system, although they have been modified with 1/4 turn openings to gain in comfort. The classic style of this model allows it to fit any kitchen design.

Turn Knob

They are the most popular for their comfort and their optimal value for money. A simple movement of the knob is enough to adjust the temperature and the flow rate. Its installation is simple, although if you want to change the traditional faucet by a single lever, it must be borne in mind that the latter needs an entrance hole higher than that of the usual faucet models.


They are models with a folding mechanism, advisable when the faucet becomes an obstacle when installing, among other places, in front of a window.


The innovation in the world of taps has given rise to pieces with two ducts, each with a specific function. One of them is for the washing and washing of food, with tap water taken from the usual network, and the other one obtains pure water through a filtration system.